where to buy bison meat

where to buy bison

bison meat

bison meat for sale

where to buy bison meat

where to buy bison

bison meat

bison meat for sale


Committed to excellence, Star B Ranch offers only grass fed Bison meat. Believed to be the best red meat available,  health care professionals recommend grass fed meat to their patients as a highly nutritious source of Omega 3's, protein, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Star B Ranch Grass Fed Bison Meat is free of antibiotics, growth stimulants, GMO grains and additives. Strict grass fed industry guidelines are followed to guarantee all Bison are treated humanely and never held in feed lots. Star B Ranch is affiliated with a cooperative of committed grass fed Bison producers in the Mid-West where Bison roam free on abundant native prairie grasslands.



In 1989, Star B Ranch won the coveted Grand Champion Trophy from the National Bison Association's Gold Trophy Show and Sale in Denver, Colorado. Judged the best two year old Bison Bull in the nation, Star B Ranch has continued to invest in top quality breeding stock offering some of the best Bison on the market in the Western United States.



Ken Childs has managed the family Bison ranch for 35 years. As founder and past President of the Western Bison Association as well as having spoken at numerous Bison conferences, he believes this experience is best shared with potential customers who would like to raise Bison on their own ranches: Getting good advice prior to starting a Bison ranch can save money and ensure the successful management of raising your own Bison. Ken offers a consulting service to teach you all that is necessary to safely raise Bison, including the proper fencing and corral techniques, feed and nutrition for healthy Bison, as well as safety issues unique to Bison. Please call for further information about Bison consulting and pricing.



With respect for the Native American culture and the history related to the American Buffalo, we at Star B Ranch embrace the many various ways tribes used Buffalo for food, tools, clothing, and shelter. We offer many Buffalo by-products, such as beautiful robes, raw hides, skulls and bones. Please call us for availability and prices.

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Welcome to Star B Ranch and Hop Farm, visits by appointment only.

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Established in 1979, Star B Ranch is one of the most recognized Bison ranches in the nation, selling top quality Bison breeding stock and producing 100% grass fed Bison meat.


Family owned and operated, Star B Ranch is also Southern California's first and largest commercial hop farm, providing the growing craft brewery industry with San Diego grown hops.


For over 35 years and spanning four generations, the Star B Ranch family has been committed to responsible stewardship of the 1200 acre property and we warmly welcome you to our website.


“We just finished dinner; filet mignon from #135. Now normally, I’m a ribeye man but this was the best cut of meat I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. I chewed it like it was jerky just to relish the flavor over and over again—it was like butter but I didn’t want to ever swallow it. Man, there is nothing at any Steakhouse in Seattle, Portland, Chicago or Los Angeles or Palm Springs or Newport Beach; nothing at Flemings or Ruth Chris that can touch the Porterhouse and Filet that we’ve enjoyed. Even friends who have had bison in the past said this was far and away the best meal they have ever had. “ - Kevin Graves